Customer FAQs

FAQs IconQ. Do I need to bring the e-mail confirmation to the garage?

A. Yes. Present a printout of the e-mail, or show confirmation on your smartphone.

FAQs IconQ. What Options are available with ParkNSave?

A. We offer a wide range of parking passes for both short and long-term parking.

Choose from:

•   Early Bird
•   Daily pass (up to 12 hours)
•   Evening pass
•   24 Hour
•   30 Day pass(30-Day ParkNSave passes may be purchased multiple times with "Auto-Renew" option allowed at most locations.)click here.
•   2-15 Day storage pass
•   Annual pass

FAQs IconQ. Do I have a guaranteed parking space?

A. Yes. Purchasing a pass from ParkNSave guarantees a space in a facility of your choice. Annual pass holders can also choose a “home lot” and then enjoy unlimited 24-hour parking for a whole year.

FAQs IconQ. Can I purchase more than one pass at a time?

A. 30-day pass holders, who require multi-month parking are invited to purchase the Annual pass for unlimited 12 month parking. 24-Hour passes can be purchased and used for consecutive days.

FAQs IconQ. What if I need in/out privileges?

A. If you need to move your vehicle during your stay, here are the options.
  1. Short stay:

    Purchase a 24-Hour pass for each day you need to move the vehicle. (Vehicles can only be moved one time per day)

  2. Extended stay:

    If you are parking your vehicle for longer than 15 days, and need to move it, purchase a 30 Day pass, which includes unlimited in/out privileges."

FAQs IconQ. What other benefits are provided by ParkNSave Passes?

  • Plan ahead with confidence.
  • All parking spaces are reserved with a guaranteed rate.
  • Come and go as you please with in and out privileges for:
  • 30-Day Parking Pass (Flexibility and convenience of multiple purchases and "Auto-Renew" option.)
  • Annual Parking Pass (Lock in your parking rate, receive insurance against rate hikes, and unlimited in/out privileges for one year.)

FAQs IconQ. What is your refund policy?

A. Our goal is to serve our customers. All issues and concerns will be handled on an individual basis by contacting us at 1-877-727-5672.

FAQs IconQ. How do I find the location of a specific garage and its hours of operation?

A. Our website: provides the address and cross street of every ParkNSave garage, hours of operation, reservation fees, and information about parking offers and discounts.

FAQs IconQ. How do I contact the garage directly regarding personal issues, such as lost items, car pick-up etc.?

A. The phone numbers of the garage locations are provided on the website. If further information is required, contact us at 1-877-727-5672.

FAQs IconQ. How do I change or cancel an online parking pass reservation?

A. Please call the ParkNSave office at 1-877-727-5672. 24-hour notice is required.

FAQs IconQ. Can a purchased pass be used at any ParkNSave garage?

A. No. The passes are garage-specific for the time period and pass type purchased.

FAQs IconQ. Can parking passes be purchased as gifts?

A. Yes. Simply enter all of the relevant information for the recipient, as well as your credit card information.

FAQs IconQ. What if I am driving a rental car?

A. On the check-out page - Enter rental car in the spaces requesting vehicle information.

FAQs IconQ. Is there an additional charge for an oversized vehicle?

A. Yes. You can prepay for the oversized vehicle when purchasing your pass. Or pay the posted daily rate for oversized vehicles upon exiting.

FAQs IconQ. How do I know my vehicle is oversized?

A. All SUVs “XL” and any other vehicles, totaling 181” or more in length and 70” or more in height, and models 75” or higher, regardless of length, are considered oversized. Is your vehicle oversized? Click here to see the list!

FAQs IconQ. Is there a parking pass to cover an extended stay?

A. Yes. If you need your vehicle and require in and out privileges, during your stay, we recommend purchasing a 30-Day Parking Pass (30-Day pass) or one or multiple 24-Hour Parking Passes. (24-Hour pass, *This may not apply to all garages) If you don’t need access to your vehicle during your stay, we recommend purchasing a 2–15-Day Storage pass (2-15-Day vehicle storage pass). Please visit our website for additional information.

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